Delivering AfL

Dave Humphreys did this slideshow a while back, I’d guess as part of an INSET he was delivering. I should have blogged it a while ago (sorry Dave) but here it is now. You may need to click the link to see it – I can’t get it to embed reliably. From Slideshare itself you can download the original Powerpoint file to use/modify yourself.

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2 responses to “Delivering AfL”

  1. I haven’t been called ‘Dave’ since some daft West Ham fan at uni took it upon himself to be the Trigger-from-Only-Fools impersonator!

    I nicked some of your blog excerpts to do a CPD newsletter about Yacapaca for my gaff which can be seen here:

    The inset was for NQTs, who were on the whole very enthused about Yacapaca, but all felt that they didn’t have enough time to develop it for their classes themselves – but that is not Yacapaca’s fault, but their managers for overburdening them with excessive paperwork and planning requirements at the expense of putting learning first.

    More senior teachers are interested in Yacapaca now too.

  2. Sorry for the gaff (other definition) Dafydd. I’d edit the post only then your comment wouldn’t make sense. You have reminded me that I need to focus more on the timesaving aspects of Yacapaca – especially in History where we such a huge body of ready-made assessment content, thanks to the efforts of you, Dave Corbett, Hannah Mohon and the whole History crew.

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