Beautiful illustrations

Today I have been working on Activities and Puzzles to Improve Thinking Skills, which is the free mini-pack for June.  It’s a long time since I last worked on this pack, and I had quite forgotten how good it was.

It’s tempting to think that a freebie will have been produced on the cheap, but actually the team lavished love on this particular project. The ideas in it are fantastic, but what really stood out when I revisited it was the quality of the artwork. I’m not in the habit of writing knocking copy, but today I shall break my own rule. Take a look at these two illustrations, and compare them with what you find in photocopy masters from any other company. They’re just gorgeous. Click on either illustration to see a larger version.

This particular pack was illustrated by Liam Powell, and I am delighted to see that he still has several Chalkface examples featured on his website. If you have an educational project that needs real quality illustration, I just can’t recommend Liam highly enough.


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