Tracking pupil progress with the Yacapaca Gradebook at Chauncy School

I had this lovely note today from Owen Hawkridge at the Chauncy School in Ware.


You might be interested to know that we’ve* abandoned our old spreadsheet system for tracking pupil progress at KS3 and instead are using the Yacapaca gradebook. We’ll be starting with the Computing baseline in the first lesson. In a few weeks we have a target setting INSET where we’ll enter that information into the gradebook. Come parents’ evening the chart and flightline will clearly show where students are at. Thanks for creating this and keep up the good work.

* “We” in this case is the Computing Department at Chauncy.

Over the last year, we have put in hundreds of developer-hours getting the Gradebook to the point where it is a credible (and in my view, superior) alternative to the usual progress tracking systems that schools use. It was a particular pleasure for me to read one case-study of someone using it in exactly this way.

gradebook smallRead more gradebook case-studies



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